Our Flock

Never Say Never Farm - Our Flock

Our spinner’s flock of fine wool sheep were chosen for the exceptional quality of their fleeces. The flock is comprised of registered CVM’s (California Variegated Mutant – a rare and desirable color pattern within the Romeldale breed), registered Merino’s, Merino/CVM crosses, and Leicester Longwool/Border Leicester crosses.

Our flock is a pampered and spoiled bunch that enjoys high quality hay and grain which in turn helps them produce the finest fleeces possible. They wear coats year around to keep the hay, straw and dirt out of their fleeces and to protect the tips of the fleeces from the sun and weather. As you can see their coats get very dirty but, thankfully, the fleeces underneath are clean and beautiful.

The flock is shorn in April and all of the fleeces will be for sale on Our Etsy shop. If you are interested in reserving an individual fleece simply contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to accept your deposit and reservation. If we can help you choose or answer any questions regarding our sheep and their fleeces, please contact us.